Psychometry Feat

You can pick up impressions of past events from inanimate objects.

Prerequisite: Force-Sensitive, Wisdom 15, unless the GM gives express permission otherwise a hero must be a Kiffar (a Human native of Kiffu) to take this feat

Benefit: You can perceive past events by handling objects that were present at those events as though you were there. The perspective is the same as the perspective of the object’s wielder: you see, hear, and feel what the wielder saw, hear, and felt, but no more. You cannot, for example, read the writing on a computer screen if the object’s wielder did not. However, you do gain impression of the wielder’s emotions in regard to the event.

Using Psychometry is a full-round action and requires a Sense Motive check. The DC depends upon the connection of the item to the events being reviewed.

Connection DC
Personal item frequently used 10
Personal item infrequently used 15
Item used by multiple individuals 20
Item handled once 25

Special: Sometimes the impressions granted by Psychometry reflect the influence of the dark side on the wielder of the object being examined. As a result, if the original character gained a Dark Side Point performing the act seen by Psychometry, the hero using Psychometry to review that act gains a Dark Side Point as well. The Gamemaster should warn the player, just as the original character was warned. (“Killing the prisoner would be an evil act-so if you continue with your Psychometry attempt, you might gain a Dark Side Point.”) If the hero wishes to continue reviewing the events and the original character did not gain a Dark Side Point, the hero doesn’t gain one either.

The Jedi Order frowns on using Psychometry on dead bodies because someone’s emotions at the time of his or her violent death are often so strong that had the deceased lived, he or she would have brushed the dark side-which means that the hero would, as well.

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