Nature Affinity Feat

Nature Affinity
You are especially in tune with natural surroundings. This mystical bond allows you to sense what the local environment contains.

Prerequisites: Force-Sensitive, Sense, Wisdom 15

Benefits: By waking in a natural setting and meditating for a full minute, you can get a sense of what living organisms exist in the area. Under these conditions, characters with Nature Affinity can make a Wisdom check (DC 10) to detect the kinds of plant or animal lifeforms in 200-meter-radius area. Living creatures that don’t wish to be found can oppose the user’s Wisdom check with a Hide check. Due to the amount of strain this ability puts on its wielder, the Nature Affinity feat can be used only once per hour.

Special: A character with Nature Affinity can get a “sense” of the environment’s state of well being by making a Wisdom check (DC 15). This information translates as an empathic result, such as “harmonious,” “threatened,” or “dying.”

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