Morichro Feat

You can slow the life functions of another being, placing it in a trancelike state or possibly killing it. You can also turn the power’s effect inward to extend a Force trance for months.

Prerequisite: Alter, Control, Force-Sensitive, Force-User level 9th, Wisdom 15, Heal Another 9 ranks, Heal Self 9 ranks, no more than 2 Dark Side Points

Benefit: The target of Morichro makes a Will saving throw. The DC depends on the level of the Force-user.

Force-User's Level Target's Save DC
9th-10th 15
11th-16th 20
17th-20th 25

If the save succeeds, the target is exhausted for the duration of the encounter. After the encounter, the target is fatigued until he rests for 8 hours. (See Chapter 8 of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game for the effects of exhaustion and fatigue.)

If the save fails, Morichro renders the target unconscious, as though the target had entered a Force trance (See the Control feat). This state of unconsciousness lasts until the target takes wound damage or is targeted by a Force skill or feat (including another use of Morichro). The power has no other time limit. The target could remain unconscious indefinitely. If left untended, the target will die of dehydration or starvation. Should the target die (for any reason) while under the effects of Morichro, the Force-user who initiated the Morichro gains 1 Dark Side Point.

If the target fails the save by 10 or more, the target perishes immediately and the user gains 1 Dark Side Point.

The target can expend 1 Force Point to automatically succeed at the save, but still suffers exhaustion and fatigue effects as mentioned above.

When used against another living being, Morichro has a range of 10 meters. Using this feat requires a full-round action and incurs an attack of opportunity. It cost 16 vitality points to initiate.

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