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A sample of common equipment available during this time period is given on at the end. Refer to the description below for other pertinent information.

All-Temperature Cloak
This wrap-around cloak protects its wearer from the elements and hostile conditions.

An all-temperature cloak provides a +2 equipment bonus on Fortitude saves made to resist severe weather.

Aquata Breather
An Aquata Breather can provide up to 2 hours of breathable air through its mouthpiece. Characters typically use it underwater or in other hazardous environments. Aquata breathers are a standard part of many high-end utility belt and field kit packages. Some consider them more reliable than breath masks, since they consist of a single part rather than several linked components. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi use Aquata Breathers while swimming to Otoh Gunga in The Phantom Menace.

Bacta Tank
This large, specialized tank is filled with the powerful healing agent, bacta, which promotes rapid healing. A bacta tank and a supply of bacta is expensive, so such medical equipment is usually found only in hospitals, on board capital-class vessels, and within major military bases.

A patient must be equipped with a breath mask and fully submerged within the bacta for the healing agent to do its job. Bacta is a synthetic chemical that consists of gelatinous, translucent red alazhi and kavam bacterial particles mixed within the colorless liquid ambori. The bacterial particles seek out wounds and promote exceedingly fast tissue rejuvenation without scarring.

Any character who has suffered damage can benefit from a bacta tank treatment, but its miraculous properties are most in evidence when used on severely wounded patients, Bacta treatment is the best method of reviving characters that have been reduced to 0 or fewer wound points.

Patients undergoing bacta tank treatment heal at the following rates: Vitality points return at a rate of 3 per hour of treatment, and wound points return at a rate of 1 per hour of treatment.

Breath Mask
This personal atmosphere –filtering system consists of a mask that fits over the nose and mouth and a hose connecting the mask to a portable life-support system. The breath mask provides approximately 1 hour of breathable atmosphere before the filter and atmosphere canister must be replaced. The breath mask offers no protection from extreme temperatures or hard vacuum.
A breath mask system can also be built into an armored suit; Darth Vader’s armor contains such a system.

To replace the filter and atmosphere canister, the user must make a Repair check (DC 10). The GM makes this check for the character. If the check fails, the mask ceases to function 1d6x4 minutes after it is activated.

Code Cylinder
Compact encoded security devices are issued to many military, political, or corporate officials. A code cylinder accesses computer data via a droid’s scomp link or provides entry into restricted facilities. Each cylinder features the user’s personal security clearance data. High-ranking personnel may carry more than one cylinder, each with different access codes encrypted within them. Republic citizens, Imperial officers, and New Republic personnel use them to facilitate security measures.

Code cylinders can be reprogrammed at properly equipped computers by making a Computer Use check against DC 15 or without such systems by making a Computer Use check against DC 25. Failure to properly reprogram a code cylinder ruins the cylinder.

A personal communications transceiver, the comlink consists of a receiver, a transmitter, and a power source. Comlinks come in a variety of small, palm-sized cylindrical shapes and styles. Some are built into helmets and armor; stormtrooper armor includes a helmet equipped with a comlink.

The range for a typical comlink is 50 kilometers or low orbit. For greater range, a comlink must be larger and connected to a more powerful energy source, such as those built into vehicles. For an added expense (ten times the base cost of a regular comlink), a comlink can be equipped with encryption routines.

Credit Chip
Although many planetary governments still use hard currency, most governments that span several star systems (or even galactic sectors), such as the Republic, the Empire, and the Corporate Sector Authority, rely primarily on electronic currency that draws on accounts from a central bank. Few galactic citizens ever see actual cash; instead, their income is deposited directly into their account.

Credit chip technology was perfected centuries ago and has been standardized in most regions of the known galaxy. The credit chip is a small, flat card that features a security codeout and credit algorithm memory stripes. The chip can hold a specified number of credits appropriate to the government that issued it, or it can be programmed to draw from a specific account held by the user. Credit chips not only allow quick easy transfers of funds, but also protect users from theft.

Modifying the value of a credit chip requires a Computer Use check (DC 35). Altering it so that it draws upon a different account requires a Computer Use check (DC 40). Failure in either case activates the chip’s self-destruct programming and ruins the chip.

These small, low-cost, handheld personal computers can serve as notebooks, day planners, calculators, and sketchpads. In addition to performing basic computer functions, datapads can interface with and download information from larger computer networks.

Datacards can be purchased with specific types of data stored on them, such as star charts, tourism guides to certain regions of space, or works of fiction. The data on these cards can be loaded into a datapad for easy access.

A datapad provides the user with a +2 equipment bonus on Intelligence checks related to calculations or Computer Use checks involving information downloads. Datapads with datacards containing specific information provide a +2 equipment bonus on related Knowledge checks.

A mastercraft datapad provides a higher equipment bonus (+3 for a +1 item, +4 for a +2 item, or +5 for a +3 item).

This device magnifies distant objects in most lighting conditions. An internal display provides data on range, relative and true azimuths, and elevation. Viewing options include zoom and wide-vision observation. Electrobinoculars also feature radiation sensors and a night-vision mode.

Electrobinoculars reduce the range penalty for Spot checks to -1 for every 20 meters of distance (instead of -1 for every 4 meters).

Energy Cell
This small battery provides power for devices, including certain types of weapons. An energy cell appears as a small flat disk.

Field kit
Essentially a backpack full of survival gear, the typical field kit contains two condensing canteens with built-in water purification systems, a sunshield roll, a week’s worth of food rations, two glow rods, two breath masks, twenty-four filters, twelve atmosphere canisters, and an all-temperature cloak.

Flight Suit
The flight suit is a one-piece coverall (plus a helmet) that provides life support, protects the wearer from hostile environments, and prevents the wearer from succumbing to the adverse effects of high-velocity flying.

Fusion Lantern
A hand-held light source, larger than a glow rod, the fusion lantern produces light and heat. The light spreads out from the lantern, producing a 10-meter radius of illumination.

Glow Rod
A glow rod is a portable illumination device that projects a beam of light up to 10 meters.

Grappling Spike Launcher
A spike launcher, sometimes known as an ascension gun, has a grapping spike on one end, a sliding hood on the other, and a liquid cable reservoir in the middle. The launcher hurls the spike at extreme velocity, allowing it to anchor itself in any hard surface, such as a building ledge or cliff face. The launcher can be used alone or attached to the barrel of a blaster. It holds enough liquid to form 20 meters of cable. Captain Panaka and Padme use ascension guns to scale the walls of the Theed Royal Palace in The Phantom Menace.

A handheld, personal hologram transmitter can be used to view real-time or recorded three-dimensional images or to pass the information through a comlink connection. Adding sound capability doubles the price of a personal holoprojector. The device has a limited storage capacity that can be expanded when attached to a holorecorder.

A handheld, personal visual and audio recorder, the holorecorder can store data for playback as three-dimensional moving images or as holograms. A holorecorder stores up to 200 hours of images in its internal memory system. Most come equipped with recording-rod input slots for expanded memory capacity.

Liquid Cable Dispenser
Cable dispensers contain a special liquid that instantly solidifies upon contact with either atmosphere or vacuum to form a tough, lightweight, flexible cable. The dispenser contains enough liquid for 20 meters of cable and is refillable at authorized outlets. The cable is capable of supporting up to 500 kilograms of weight.

Macrobinoculars – not to be confused with the more powerful electrobinoculars – are personal image-magnification devices that can enhance vision up to one kilometer.

Standard features include zoom capability, readouts for azimuth, range and elevation, a light amplifier for twilight conditions, and impact resist casing.

Macrobinoculars reduce the range penalty for Spot checks to -1 for every 10 meters of distance (instead of -1 for every 4 meters).

Medical Kit
This small kit of implements can medicines allows a skilled user to stabilize a dying character or restore lost vitality points through the use of the Treat Injury skill. It is also necessary for treating dazed, knocked out, or stunned characters.

This disposable emergency kit includes a variety of life-saving drugs and bacta ointments to promote rapid healing. Any character who has suffered wound damage can benefit from the application of a medpac.

A medpac restores 1d2 lost wound points when applied to a wounded character and activated. This application requires a full-round action and a Treat Injury check (DC 15). A medpac can’t restore more wound points than an injured character has lost.

A mastercraft medpac provides more healing (1d2+1 for a +1 item, 1d2+2 for a +2 item, or 1d2+3 for a +3 item).

A character can only benefit from the use of a medpac once every 24 hours. Using a medpac depletes its contents.

Power Pack
A power pack is a compact rectangular battery that fits into the grip or barrel of an energy weapon, such as a blaster, to provide the power needed to fire it.

Recording Rod
Recording rods are long, clear, cylindrical data storage tubes. They can record sounds and sights within a 15-meter range, store up to 100 hours of recordings, and play back audio and 2D visual images on the rod’s surface. Recording rods are reusable; you can delete recordings or record over existing data.

Downloading the data within a recording rod to a datapad, computer or holoprojector requires a successful Computer Use check (DC 10). Deleted recordings can be recovered with a successful Computer Use check (DC 25). (You can’t recover material that has been replaced by a subsequent recording.)

Security Kit
A security kit is a set of special tools for bypassing electronic and mechanical locks. It usually includes electronic components and dedicated sensor devices. On most worlds, possession of a security kit is illegal for anyone who doesn’t have the proper permits, such as members of law enforcement agencies and professional security experts.

This item gives its user a +2 equipment bonus on Disable Device checks. It also provides a +2 equipment bonus on any Repair checks related to security systems.

A mastercraft security system provides a higher equipment bonus (+3 for a +1 item, +4 for a +2 item, or +5 for a +3 item). All mastercraft security kits contain a comlink that monitors frequencies typically used by silent alarms, so the user can know if such an alarm has been triggered at any point during the operation.

Sensor Pack
A portable scanning device, the sensor pack is a bulky rectangle featuring a variety of dials and switches, a readout display, and a scanning dish. It provides only general details on comm. signals, life forms, and energy fields within a 50-meter range.

The sensor pack grants a +2 equipment bonus on Listen, [[[Search Skill | Search]], and Spot checks.

A mastercraft sensor pack provides a higher equipment bonus (+3 for a +1 item, +4 for a +2 item, or +5 for a +3 item).

Surgery Kit
This small kit contains the instruments a character with the Surgery feat needs to operate on a wounded character.

Tool Kit
A set of tools for repairing electronic or mechanical devices typically includes a variety of pliers, hammers, hydrospanners, circuit testers, and a fusion cutter.

A toolkit provides a +2 equipment bonus on Repair checks.

Table: Equipement
Item Cost Weight (kg)
All-Temperature Cloak 100 1.5
Aquata Breather 350 0.2
Bacta Tank 100,000 500
Bacta, 1 liter* 100 2
Breath Mask 200 2
Atmosphere Canister/Filter 25 1
Code Cylinder 500 0.1
Comlink 200 0.1
Credit Chip 100 0.1
Datapad 1,000 3
Datacard, Blank (10) 10 0.2
Datacard, 1 Program 300 0.1
Datapad, Mastercraft +1 2,000 3
Electrobinoculars 1,000 1
Energy Cell 10 -
Field Kit 1,000 10
Flight Suit 250 3
Fusion Lantern 25 2
Glow Rod 10 1
Grappling Spike Launcher 50 0.3
Holoprojector, Personal 1,000 0.5
Holorecorder 3,000 1
Liquid Cable Dispenser 25 0.2
Macrobinoculars 600 0.8
Medical Kit 25 1
Medpac 100 1
Medpac, Mastercraft +1 200 1.2
Power Pack 25 0.1
Recording Rod 500 1
Sensor Pack 1,500 9
Sensor Pack, Mastercraft +1 3,000 9
Security Kit 750 1
Security Kit, Mastercraft +1 1,500 1.2
Surgery Kit 1,000 1
Tool Kit 250 1
*It takes 300 liters of bacta to fill a bacta tank.
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