Malacia Skill

Malacia (Int)
Light Side; Trained Only; Requires the Force-Sensitive, Alter, Sense and Force Mind feats
Using the Force technique called Malacia, the Jedi turns an opponent’s equilibrium against him, causing extreme dizziness and nausea without any lasting effects. Malacia can be powerful when employed properly. Use of this ability is rare, since most Jedi find it easier to employ Affect Mind or Force Push to achieve similar effects. The Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis is a master of Malacia who has taught the technique to a small number of Jedi.

Check: A Malacia check sets the DC for a single target’s Fortitude saving throw. On a failed save, the target is stunned for 2d6 rounds. (Stunned characters cannot act and lose their Dexterity bonus to Defense.)

Result DC
Up to 15 10
16-25 15
25 or higher 20

This Force skill requires line of sight between the Jedi and the target, regardless of distance. At the GM’s discretion, if seeing the target is difficult (possibly because of concealment or extreme distance), the Jedi may need to make a Spot check first.

Time: Using Malacia against a target within 10 meters is an attack action. Using it against a target more than 10 meters is a full-round action that draws an attack of opportunity.

Vitality Point Cost: 6

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