Kinetic Combat Feat

Kinetic Combat
You have learned to remotely manipulate a weapon, fighting with it at a distance as though it were in your hands.

Prerequisite: Intelligence 15, Move Object 12 ranks

Benefit: As a full-round action, you can wield a melee weapon with the power of the Force at a distance of up to 10 meters from you, as though you were wielding it in your hands. Initially, you can make only one attack with the weapon. As your control improves, you may attack with the weapon more often (up to the limit of your normal attacks per round, determined by your base attack bonus), though fighting in this fashion always requires a full-round action.

Move Object Ranks Attacks per Round
12 1
15 2
18 3
21 4

For attacks against the weapon treat it as a carried object. (See Combat.)

Normal: Move Object can only move or lift weapons (and other objects), not fight with them.

Vitality Cost: 1

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