Inspire Skill

**Inspire (Cha)
Light Side; Trained Only; Requires the Force-Sensitive, Alter, and Battle Meditation feats
You can fill allies with the conviction that they are going to succeed at their endeavors, despite any odds. Your allies become more dedicated and less likely to give up. With a higher degree of ability, you can inspire more individuals at a greater range.

Check: An Inspire check (DC 20) allows you to instill great confidence in one or more of your allies. Each of these allies gains a competence bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks equal to one-fourth your Force-User level (round down; minimum of 1) for as long as you continue to spend vitality points.

You can affect large numbers of allies with the same Inspire check, provided they are not beyond your maximum range. However, the more people you want to affect, the more vitality points you need to spend.

Number of Targets Vitality Point Cost/Minute
1-10 3
11-100 6
101-1,000 12
1,001-10,000 18

Retry: Yes. You can attempt another Inspire check after a failed Inspire check, but the effects of multiple successes are not cumulative.

Special: The maximum range for this ability is based on your mastery of the Force. With the Force Mind feat, you can affect any allies on the same planet. If you have the Knight Mind or Improved Force Mind feat as well, you can affect allies in the same star system. (A system consists of a star and its related planets.) If you also have the Master Mind feat, you can affect any allies within the same sector. (A sector consists of several associated stars and their planets, such as the Kathol sector or the Meridian sector.) Without those feats, the range for this ability is limited to line of sight.

Time: Activating this skill is a full round action that draws an attack of opportunity. Maintaining it requires a move action each round.

Vitality Point Cost: Activating this skill costs 6 vitality points. The Force-User must also spend vitality points for each minute (every 10 rounds) the power is used.

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