Illusion Skill

Illusion (Cha)
Requires the Force-Sensitive and Alter feats
You can use the Force to manifest false visual and auditory images that seem completely real to those who perceive them.

Check: This skill creates illusions to trick, distract, or even harm those who perceive them. (Though these illusions can’t cause physical harm, they can provoke fatal mistakes by those who don’t recognize them as unreal.)

Your Illusion check result sets the DC for the target’s Will saving throw.

Result Will Saving Throw DC
4 or less 10
5-14 15
15-24 20
25-34 25
35+ 30

The maximum range for this skill is 1,000 kilometers from the Force-user. The distance of the illusion from the Force-user modifies the vitality point cost.

Distance Vitality Point Cost/Round
10 meters 3
10 kilometers 5
100 kilometers 8
1,000 kilometers 10

Maintaining an illusion for more than a single round requires an attack action (but no additional skill check) and the vitality point expenditure, as well as a level of concentration. A Force-user can’t maintain an illusion while using other Force skills or engaging in distracting activity.

Special: Each person who perceives the illusion perceives the same event. Characters encountering an illusion can’t attempt a saving throw to recognize it as illusory until they study it carefully or interact with it in a significant fashion.

A successful saving throw against a Force illusion reveals it to be false and dispels the illusion.

A failed saving throw indicates that a character doesn’t notice anything is amiss. A character provided with incontrovertible proof that an illusion isn’t real doesn’t need to make a saving throw.

If a character makes a successful save against an illusion and communicates this knowledge to others in the area, each of these others immediately makes a Will saving throw with a +4 circumstance bonus to identify the illusion as false.

Using Illusion to perform a deadly act against a living target gives the Force-user a Dark Side Point.

You can take 10 when making an Illusion check, but you can’t take 20.

A character with the Mind Trick feat gets a +2 aptitude bonus on Illusion checks.

Time: Illusion is an attack action to activate and an attack action every round it is maintained.

Vitality Point Cost: Pay the cost given above for the appropriate distance during every round in which you maintain the illusion.

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