Handle Animal Skill

Handle Animal (Cha)
Trained Only
Use this skill to drive a team of dewbacks pulling a wagon over rough terrain, to teach a vornskr to guard, to raise a mort as a devoted pet, or to teach a rancor to “speak” on your command.

Check: The time required to get an effect and the DC depend on what you are try to do.

Task Time DC
Handle a domestic animal Varies 10
“Push” a domestic animal Varies 15
Teach an animal tasks 2 months 15
Teach an animal unusual tasks 2 months 20
Rear a wild animal 1 year 15 + level
Rear a deadly animal 1 year 20 + level
Train a wild animal 2 months 20 + level
Train a deadly animal 2 months 25 + level

Handle a Domestic Animal: A character with this skill can drive beasts of burden, command a trained vornskr, tend tired tauntauns, and so forth.

“Push” a Domestic Animal: An animal handler who “pushes” a domestic animal can get more out it than it usually gives. For example, the handler could drive draft animals for extra effort, encouraging them to pull more weight or work longer.

Teach an Animal Tasks: With this skill, you can teach a domestic animal a few tricks. You can train one type of animal per rank (specified when the ranks are purchased) to obey commands and perform simple tricks. You can work with up to three animals of the same type at one time, and can teach them general tasks such as guarding, attacking, carrying riders, performing heavy labor, hunting and tracking, or fighting beside troops. An animal can be trained for one general purpose only.

Teach an Animal Unusual Tasks: This use of the skill is similar to teaching an animal tasks, except that the tasks can be something unusual for that breed of animal, such as training a bantha to be a war mount. Alternatively, you can use this aspect of Handle Animal to train an animal to perform specialized tricks, such as teaching a ronto to rear on command or to come when whistled for, or teach a falcon to pluck objects from someone’s grasp.

Rear a Wild or Deadly Animal: Rearing a wild or deadly animal involved raising a wild creature from infancy so that it is domesticated. The creature’s level (see Creatures) is added to the DC. A handler can rear up to three creatures of the same type at once. A successful domesticated wild or deadly animal can be taught tricks at the same time that it’s being raised, or can be taught them as a domesticated animal later.

Train a Wild or Deadly Animal: The character can train a wild or deadly creature to do certain tricks, but only at the character’s command. The creature is still wild, though usually controllable. Add the creature’s level to the DC.

Organic Technology: You can operate organic technology, such as that utilized by the Yuuzhan Vong. A Handle Animal check, in this application, allows you to immediately grasp not only the function of organic tools, but to quickly work out how to operate them with prior demonstration. The basic DC for most such attempts is only 10, but the GM may rule that more complex organisms call for a higher DC.

Retry: For handling and pushing domestic animals, yes. For training and rearing, no.

Special: You can take 10 and take 20 when handling and pushing domestic animals. You can take 10 but you can’t take 20 when training or rearing an animal.

An untrained character uses Charisma checks to handle and push animals.

A character with the Animal Affinity feat and at least 1 rank in this skill gets a +2 aptitude bonus on Handle Animal checks.

A character with the Primal Sympathy feat and at least 1 rank in this skill gets a +2 aptitude bonus on Handle Animal checks.

Time: See the table above for information on how long it takes to make Handle Animal check.

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