Guiding Spirit Feat

Guiding Spirit
You have attracted the attention of a Force spirit who sometimes appears to aid you, offering advice and information.

Prerequisites: Force-Sensitive, Sense, no more than 4 Dark Side Points

Benefit: A Force spirit you once knew as a living Jedi now protects you after his death. The spirit can do very little to aid you in a physical sense. The Force spirit can use Force abilities to assist you, but only those that do not require physical contact and do not have a physical effect.

The Force spirit appears whenever the GM decides it is appropriate, though it should never manifest for longer than one encounter. A character with this feat can call the Force spirit once per day by spending 1 Force Point. This causes the Force Spirit to manifest unless the character is acting out of anger or hatred or has acquired a total of 5 or more Dark Side Points. The Force spirit generally remains with the character throughout the encounter, but it can leave whenever it desires.

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