Force Light Skill

Force Light (Wis)
Light Side Skill; Requires the Force-Sensitive and Alter feats
You can channel the Force into withering blasts of light that can destroy dark side spirits or purge the taint from dark side locations.

Check: When you use this skill, a wave of light side energy emanates from you 10 meters in all directions. A Force Light check sets the effect of the skill’s use on dark side characters, dark side creatures, dark side spirits, and dark side sites.

Check Result Character/Creature Save Damage to Dark Side Spirit Dark Side Site
15 or lower 5 1d8 No effect
16-25 10 2d8 No effect
26-40 15 3d8 No effect
41+ 20 4d8 Reduce site’s power one step

When used against a character or creature with Dark Side Points, the character or creature loses a Dark Side Point if it fails a Will save. The target cannot voluntarily forgo this saving throw (or voluntarily fail it).

When used against a dark side spirit, Force Light deals damage to the spirit by weakening its connection to the dark side of the Force. When a dark side spirit is reduced to 0 wound points, it is permanently destroyed.

When Force Light is successfully used against a dark side site, the site loses some of its taint, reducing its site power by one step (from extreme to major, major to minor, or minor to not tainted). When using Force Light against a dark side site, the Force-User must be at the heart of the site (where the dark side is most powerful). He suffers any ill effects the site gernates. This includes penalties on skill checks, which can make completely purging the taint from a site extremely difficult.

Time: Using Force Light is an attack action that draws an attack of opportunity.

Vitality Point Cost: 8

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