Drain Knowledge Skill

Drain Knowledge (Int)
Dark Side Skill; Trained Only; Requires the Force-Sensitive and Sense feats
You can drain specific memories, relating to a single subject, from a victim’s mind. This allows you temporary, limited access to this one field of knowledge.

Check: A Drain Knowledge check allows you to sift through a specific target’s mind. For a target that is conscious and not resisting, the check is against DC 15. For a target that is unconscious or actively resisting, the check must exceed the target’s Will saving throw or a DC 20, whichever is higher.

If the Drain Knowledge check is successful, the target temporarily loses 2 points of Intelligence. (The target recovers lost Intelligence points at the rate of 1 per day of rest.) You may then choose one Knowledge skill the target possesses and immediately gain the ability to make untrained skill checks for that skill. (You do not acquire the target’s skill points, but you can make Intelligence checks to access that information.) The target doesn’t lose the Knowledge skill you have acquired; however, temporarily lowering his Intelligence temporarily reduces all of his Knowledge skills.

Retry: Yes, but you must continue to touch the target during each attempt. Each successful check allows you to use another of the target’s Knowledge skills untrained.

Special: You only have temporary access to the Knowledge skill you have drained. Each time you use the stolen skill, you must attempt a Will saving throw (DC 15). If you fail the Will save, you lose the ability to make untrained skill check in that skill. If you fail the save by 10 or more, you also temporarily lose 2 points of Intelligence.

Note that the Force Defense skill adds a bonus to the target’s Will save.

Time: The Drain Knowledge check requires 5 minutes, and you must touch the target for the duration of the attempt. (Therefore, you must render an unwilling target unconscious or otherwise immobile before attempting this skill.)

Vitality Point cost: 8

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