Cure Disease Feat

Cure Disease
You can use the light side of the Force to destroy a disease currently afflicting one character.

Prerequisite: Alter, Control, Force-Sensitive, no more than 1 Dark Side Point

Benefit: You can destroy disease affecting a living being. Destroying a disease in another creature requires a Heal Another check; curing a disease in yourself requires a Heal Self check. The DC to successfully destroy a disease is equal to the affliction’s save DC + 10. On a successful check, you destroy the disease, preventing it from doing any further damage to the target (though any damage already done remains).

Using Cure Disease cost 5 vitality points, and each attempt takes1 hour. Unlike most Force skills with a vitality cost, it is possible to take 20 on a Heal Another or Heal Self check to destroy a disease. However, taking 20 is extremely taxing, requiring 20 hours and a total of 100 vitality points.

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