Control Mind Skill

Control Mind (Cha)
Dark Side Skill; Trained Only; Requires the Force-Sensitive, Alter, and Force Mind feats
You can guide the actions of individuals who have strong connections to you, overriding their individual impulses and replacing them with your synchronized mental processes. This allows you to increase efficiency of allies, subjects, or minions – not enemies, opponents, or unaligned bystanders. With a higher degree of ability, you can control more individuals at a much greater range. Not that this does not allows you to manipulate these beings like puppets; you only increase their efficiency.

Check: A Control Mind check (DC 20) allows you to coordinate the actions of one or more of your allies or minions. Each of these allies or minions gains a Force bonus on attack rolls and skill checks equal to one-fourth your Force-user level (round down, to a minimum of +1) for as long as you continue to spend vitality points. Initiating this skill requires a full-round action, costs 5 vitality points, and gives the user a Dark Side Point. Maintaining it requires a move action each round. The Force-user must also spend vitality points for each minute (that is, every 10 rounds) the power is used.

You can affect large numbers of allies, minions, or subjects with the same Control Mind check, provided they are not beyond your maximum range. However, the more people you wish to affect, the more vitality points you need to spend.

The targets of the Control Mind skill don’t have to be willing; they just have to be allied to the user in some fashion. This usually takes the form of subjects (such as those who acknowledge the Emperor as their leader) or minions (the willing lackeys of any dark side Force-user). This power is considered a dark side skill because of its intrusive nature and the energy it steals from those subjected to it.

Number of Targets Vitality Point Cost per Minute
1-10 1
11-100 5
101-1,000 10
1,001-10,000 15

Special: The maximum range for this ability is based on your mastery of the Force. With the Force Mind feat, you can affect allies on the same planet. If you have the Knight Mind/Improved Force Mind feat as well, you can affect any allies in the same star system. If you also have the Master Mind feat, you can affect any allies within the same sector. (A system consists of a star and its related planets. A sector consists of several associated stars and their planets, such as the Elrood sector or the Anoat sector.)

Using this power creates tremendous physical and psychic stresses on your allies. When you cease spending vitality points to maintain this skill, all the affected allies are considered exhausted. (This reduces their base speed by half and confers an effective penalty of – 6 to both Strength and Dexterity.)

Time: Control Mind requires a full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity to initiate and a move action each round it is maintained.

Vitality Point Cost: 5 to initiate, then the cost varies to maintain; see above.

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