Campaign Timeline

For reference sake, the campaign is divided into years according to events. Each event represents at least one month of time.

(Some of these placements are guesses. Consider this a rough draft. Someone more informed can feel free to move things)

Year One (Modules 1-7, ~37 BBY)
This begins with the formation of the ISF and several intial missions for the ISF

Year Two (Modules 8-11, ~36 BBY)
Piracy is on the rise and the ISF is called in a good deal to interceed.

Concentric 2005 Seminar (Head Judge: Tony Prokes; with Moses Birmelin and Stephen Tucker)
The Nightsider is attacked by a group of pirates.

GenCon 2005 V&V Night Mission (Judge: Stephen Tucker)
An ISF team is sent to pick up Jorl Retner from the CorSec, Corellian Security, office on Corellia. Upon arrival the ISF team learn that someone else just took custody of that prisoner. They pursue and stop the ‘rescuers’ from killing Jorl. They did not want him talking about their boss. The team take him into protective custody and hide him out in an ISF safehouse. He is more than happy to talk about his knowledge of the organization he belonged to.

WolfCon 2005 Seminar (Head Judge: Moses Birmelin; with Tony Prokes and Stephen Tucker)
The ISF assaulted a slaver base. The group succeeded at capturing the entire group and shutting down their operation.

Concentric 2006 Seminar (Head Judge: Stephen Tucker)
Armed with information from Jorl Retner that was rescued by the ISF (GenCon 2005 V&V Night Mission). The team learn that the head of his pirate operation is a Dark Jedi. The team plan an assault to capture the Dark Jedi. Unfortunately he is not there when the team attack, but his two Dark Side adepts are present. The group ends up capturing the Dark Side adepts and the ISF hold them for interrogation.

Year Three (Modules 12-15, ~35 BBY)
The ISF responds to a series of unusual events as their missions beging to cover a broader range of problems.

Origins 2006 Mission (Head Judge: Tony Prokes)
The ISF team fought and killed a Force Wraith that had taken over a cruise liner, and was killing everyone on board.

Origins 2007 Mission (Head Judge: Tony Prokes)
The ISF team captured Miera Ungasan, a female Dark Side adept that some ran into in Force #13. She was disrupting a diplomatic dinner. The team also captured a Clawdite, shapeshifter, working with her.

Year Four (Modules 16-20, ~34 BBY)
Political unrest is growing in the galaxy while field agents begin to run into more and more trouble.

WolfCon 2007 Seminar (Head Judge: Matthew Lenzen)
The ISF team assist Lieutenant Farwind Phrontia rescue several political leaders on the planet Phorontia . The team was also instrumental in making Farwind the Interim Governor.

VerneCon 2007 Mission (Head Judge: Brandon Lands and Stephen Holder)
The ISF team raided a Neimoidian hidden factory/base on Krenlom 4. The team blew the location up in the process, but the lead Neimoidian escaped.

Origins 2008 Mission (Head Judge: Tony Prokes)
The ISF team is called to meet a contact at an aquarium on Coruscant, but the meet is a trap. A bounty hunter and several thugs try to apprehend the group, but due to a few hidden weapons the tables are turned. The team capture the thugs, but the bounty hunter was unfortunately eaten by a very big fish after the aquarium glass was shattered by stray blaster fire.

Force #20: Interactive GenCon 2008 (Head Judge: Joe Adkins, Brandon Lands, and Matthew Lenzen)
One group of ISF operatives is sent to infiltrate a base looking for an undercover agent that has been out of contact for too long. As the second group begins assaulting the base, the first group finds and rescues the captive operative. The base personnel end up caught between the two groups and surrenders.

Year Five (Modules 21-25, ~33 BBY)
The underworld becomes an increasing focus throughout the course of the year. The ISF also begins to get involved in the Tapani Sector.

WolfCon 2008 Seminar (Head Judge: Brandon Lands and Stephen Holder)
The ISF team goes to Ord Mantel to track down a potential witness with useful information. An assassin kills the individual the team was tracking. The team investigate and uncover the reason for the assassination, but the assassin gets away.

VerneCon 2008 Mission (Head Judge: Erick Cobb and Tony Prokes)
The ISF team is sent on group training exercises. The training is interrupted by pirates operating too close to the training facility. The ISF team work as a team to assault the pirate base and capture all of the pirates. It is revealed after the fact that this was all staged as a field test to the training program.

Origins 2009 Seminar (Head Judge: Joe Adkins)
An ISF team is sent as a diplomatic envoy to Navhiba to secretly investigate the arrival of a strange ship that is being covered up by the Governor. The group uncovers that the Governor made a secret trade deal with the Trade Federation for a substantial personal bribe. The Governor then turns up dead and the players are framed for the murder. The players clear themselves of the crime, but are still deported off Navhiba.

Force #25: Interactive GenCon 2009 (Head Judge: Joe Adkins; with Brandon J. Lands)
One group was sent to investigate the Trade Federation sending some ships to Naboo. The group snuck down to the service area and encountered some droid units. It was obvious that the Trade Federation had a full invasion force in place. As the ISF group left the planet the blockade ships shifted to encounter the fleeing vessel. This actually opened a small gap in the blockade that a Naboo ship used to escape the invasion.

Year Six (Modules 26-33, ~32 BBY)
Episode I has happened, now the ISF is in an interesting situation with the change of power.

Force #28: Interactive GenCon 2010 (Head Judge: Stephen Holder)
The ISF loses several agents in the discovery of the Trade Federation's Project Iron Hand. The ISF sends a team to investigate the only known location of the project in the Tapani Sector. The team stakes out the location and breaks in. After a series of obstacles the team battles a group of prototype battle droids. During the fight a fire is started that destroys the facility.

Force #32: Interactive GenCon 2011 (Head Judge: Stephen Tucker)
The ISF send agents to follow up on intelligence gained from an informant. The ISF team attacks a hidden away base and kills a Darksider who had begun to dabble in Sith Alchemy.

Year Seven (Modues 34-37, ~31 BBY)

Force #36: Interactive GenCon 2012 (Head Judge: Nancy Milderbrant)
The ISF responds to a riot at a new prison and end up working with unlikely allies, The Trade Federation. They manage to put down the riot and find out it was started to test new battle droid prototypes from Project Iron Hand.

Year Eight (Modules 38-, ~30 BBY)
Force #40: Interactive GenCon 2013 (Head Judge: Jim Medley)
After an operative is hospitalized before he can deliver intelligence the the ISF a team is sent to retrieve that data from a ship scrapyard.

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