Battle Influence Skill

Battle Influence (Cha)
Light Side Skill; Requires the Force-Sensitive, Alter, and Battle Meditation feats
You can envision a specific outcome of a combat and help make it a reality through the Force. After you have influenced the outcome of a fight, enemies miss their targets. If they fall prey to their own anger and hatred, they may turn on one another.

Check: Battle Influence affects all your enemies within 10 meters of your position at the time it’s activated. A Battle Influence check sets the DC for a target’s Will save. If enemies within this area leave the area, they are still affected; if new enemies arrive, they are not affected. If you or one of your allies visibly or clearly attacks one of the targets of this ability, its effect on that target ends immediately.

Result DC
15 or lower 15
16-25 20
26+ 25

The DC increases by 5 if the enemies are all hostile toward one another; it decreases by 5 if they are all friendly toward one another.

If a target of this skill succeeds at his Will save, he is unaffected. If the target’s save fails, he takes a -4 penalty on attack rolls directed against the Force-User or his allies. If a target’s save fails by 20 or more, he attacks his own allies, and he does not take the -4 penalty. (If an opponent successfully influences a player character, the GM can randomly determine which ally that character attacks.)

You do not need to be able to communicate with your enemies to use this skill against them.

Retry: No. Once you attempt to affect a battle, you cannot alter the outcome you have envisioned. Even if the effect ends during the battle, you cannot activate this ability again to influence the same battle.

Time: Activating this Force skill is an attack action. It lasts for 1 minute (10 rounds).

Vitality Point Cost: 8

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