Basic Event Creation Guidelines

Any event written for the Force Campaign should have the following:

  • Convention Blurb - This is what is entered in the convention booklet and is normally only a couple of sentences.
  • Background Information - A little bit of what leads up to the event.
  • Synopsis - The basics of how you envision the event going.
  • The event - This is the heart of the event. It should have at least two parts.
  • Wrap Up - This is where you rap things up and give out rewards.
    • Experience - The standard is 400 for Missions and Seminars. Interactives are 500 per half. It is 1,000 for Modules plus voting which adds 150 (first), 100 (second), or 50 (third).
    • Pay - Standard pay from the ISF is 1,000 credits.
  • GM Appendixes - If you have them.
  • Player Hand Outs - Again if you have them.
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