Abyssin Race

Abyssins are brutish humanoids who thrive on violence. They believe that change is impossible, a belief fostered by their ability to recover quickly from even the most grievous wounds. The Blooding, a ritual combat between two tribes over water rights, is also used to settle impassable disputes between hated enemies. A Blooding is usually a fight to the death between two Abyssins- one champion per tribe- with the winner gaining all the loser's possessions.

Abyssins are well suited to their natural desert habitat and have a very efficient biology. Often characterized by their single eye, Abyssins don't take kindly to beings who refer to them by derogatory names such as "monoc," "one-eye," or "cyclops."

Free Languages Skills: Read/Write (Abyssin, Basic), Speak Language (Abyssin, Basic)

Abyssin Species Traits

  • Ability Modifiers: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -4 Intelligence, -2 Charisma
  • Medium-Size: As Medium-sized creatures, Abyssins have no special modifiers due to their size
  • Speed: Abyssins base speed is 10 meters
  • Extraordinary Recuperation: Abyssins regain vitality and wound points at twice the normal rate (2 vitality points per character level per hour, 2 wound points per day of rest).
  • Poor Depth Perception: Because of their singular eye, Abyssins have poor depth perception and suffer a -1 penalty on all ranged attacks.
  • Primitive: Abyssins with heroic or professional classes receive the bonus feats Weapon Group Proficiency (Primitive) instead of the usual Weapon Group Proficiency bonus feats.
  • Skill Bonus: Abyssin gain a +4 species bonus on Survival checks in arid environments.
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